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1.The copy of Passport shall be provided for insurance issue.
2.Registration deadline is April. 24th

NeverStop to Challenge the 300K

The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius as our goal. It is our fondest that we are learing "Faster, Higher, Stronger" to reach the Olympic spirit. Lifecycle adventures is our opportunity to share a passion for bicycle and also we specialize in working with groups to cultivate the team spirit.

Guide Unite:
Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan、Hualien County Government、Taidon County Government、Bureau of Tourism of Hualien County Government

Major Sponsor:
East Rift Valley National Scenic Area Administration、Taiwan Cycling Association、Taipei Cycling Association

Hualien County Council、Bureau of Education Hualien County、Hualien County Police Bureau、Hualien County Fire Department、East Coast National Scenic Area Administration、Feng-Lin Township Administration、Shou-Feng Township Administration、Wan-Rong Township Administration、Guang-Fu Township Administration、Rui-Sui Township Administration、 Yu-Li Township Administration、Feng-Bin Township Administration

Handle Unite:
Taipei Cycling Association.

Activity Date:
May.25th & 26th ,2013(Sat & Sun)
Activity Distance:
Starting Time :
May.25th ,2013 13:00
Finish Time :
May.26th,2013 9:00. around 20 hrs(Avg. 15KM/H)
Participant :
Man or female can be attending the race. and there is no limited of the bike type,up to the age only.

Group Male Group Female
A under 29 years old(born after 1984) G under 29 years old(born after 1984)
B 30~34(1983~1979) H 30~39(1983~1974)
C 35~39(1978~1974) I 40~49(1973~1964)
D 40~44(1973~1969) J 50~59(1963~1954)
E 45~49(1968~1964) Q(Queen) above 60 years old(born before 1953)
F 50~59(1963~1954)    
K(King) above 60 years old(born before 1953)    

Race route chart :
Starting point (Li-Yu Lake) →No.9th(bin) Provincial Road→ No.9th Provincial Road(turn left)→Da Xue Road(turn right) → No.11th Provincial Road → Hua-Lian Bridge →County Route No.193 → No.9th Provincial Road (south way)→ Lu-Ye (Tuo-xian pasture is 2nd chech point and midpoint)→ No.9th Provincial Road(north way) → Yuli Bridge → Yuli →No. 9th Provincial Road(north way) → Shoufong →No.9th Bin Provincial Road → Finish point (Li-Yu Lake)

Participant's notice :
1.Participants must wear the helmet and make sure of the braking function for safety.Offender will be disqualified. Please set up one headlight and two taillights (one is flashlight and one is bright) with your race bike.
2.On arrival at the race venue (race date 11:30 to 12:30), proceed to the Registration Desk to collect you race chip and memento.Your race number chip must be visible in front of your helmet and fold up the chip is not allowed.
3.There have provided 2 supply stations and 3 Check Points on the race route.
4.All participants will obtain a medal and certificate.
5.To join the race with your partners is recommended for safety issue.
6.Since there is no traffic control, participants shall be responsible for following the correct race course. Besides, all participants must obey the instruction of race officials at all times.
7.Before registering please consider the self physique condition by oneself.
8.Please find the 2 supply stations as following:
The 1st supply station and 1st check point:77.1K, East Rift Valley National Scenic Area (18:00 close)
The midpoint (2nd check point):163.5K, Tuo-xian pasture
The 3rd supply station and 3rd check point:245K, Wu-He

Registration date is from this day through April. 24th.Please find the entry fee as below:
If you use the online registration service , entry fee is 1000 NTD per person.
Use ATM direct transfer to Taipei Cycling Association, bank details as following:
Account Name: Taipei Cycling Association
Bank Number: 012 (Taipei Fu-bun)
Account number: 650102-015546.
Kindly fill in the register form after completed the payment. Completed registrations will be accepted only if postmarked by the April. 24th, 2013 deadline. If any weather inclement or conditions warning be raised before race, the race will be postponed.
The copy of Passport shall be provided for insurance issue.
No refunds are allowed for any reason whatsoever

NeverStop-300K Route

Route (Big image)

Route (Big image)

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