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1.The copy of Passport shall be provided for insurance issue.
2.Registration deadline is Aug. 1st(Sat)

NeverStop to Challenge the Highest Point in Taiwan (Wu-Ling)

The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius as our goal. It is our fondest that we are learing "Faster, Higher, Stronger" to reach the Olympic spirit.

Guide Unite:
Sports Affairs Council, Executive Yuan、Chinese Taipei Olympic committee

Major Sponsor:
Nantou County Government、Taipei Cycling Association

Administrative office in TAROKO National Park、Dongshih Forest District Office, Forestry Bureau、Ren-Ai Township Administration、Chin-Jing Tourism Development Association、Police in Puli Town、Police in Ren-Ai Township、BIKE Club


Activity Date:Sep.6th,2009(Sunday)

Route and Elevation :
Geographical centre tablet in Pu-Li(0KM / 450M)→Ren-Zhi-Quan(16KM / 790M)→Wu-She(22KM / 1170M)→Chin-Jing(29KM / 1600M)→Cui-Feng(39KM / 2330M)→Yuan-Feng(45KM / 2730M)→Kun-Yang(52KM / 3100M)→Wu-Ling(55KM / 3275M)

Time of registering :Sep.5th 15:00~19:00 (at Cheng Pao Hotel : No.299 Chung Shau Rd. Pu-Li Town ) and Sep.6th 04:00~04:50 (at Cheng Pao Hotel)

Team Leader’s Meeting :Sep.5th 19:00 (at Cheng Pao Hotel)

Time of Start :Sep.6th 05:00~05:30 (at Geographical centre tablet)

Time Restriction :7 Hrs

Time of Closing : Sep. 6th 12:00 (at Wu-Ling Parking Area)

Participant :
Have long distance and mountaineering experience and hope for the person who accepted the challenge.

Participant's notice :
1.ATTENTION! For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, altitude illness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this activity.
2.Road 14 and Road 14A are primary road to Li-San and Hua-Lian in middle area of Taiwan, The mountain road is narrow, and there is many beauty spot around, the traffic is relatively crowded, so unable all fronts traffic control, The participants shall comply with staff’s indication.
3.Participants must wear the helmet and make sure of the braking function for safety. Offender will be disqualified.
4.The number chip and souvenir are got while registering. Your number chip must be visible in front of your helmet.(Attention!! Don’t bend the number chip).
5.Participants need bring the spare parts for repair by self. The teammate help for repair the bike is necessary.
6.The participants that arrive at finish point before 12:00, will obtain a medal and certificate.
7.To join the race with your partners is recommended for safety issue.
8.The finish point at an altitude of 3275 feet, the temperature dropped abruptly. To provide against a rainy day, please bring the raincoat and clothing protects you from the cold.
9.Please carry the Mobile phone , Health Insurance Card and money ,etc. If you feel sick, please tell staffs.
10.The Supply Station:39KM from start point , provide drinking and banana...etc.
11.The Finish Point will provide small bread and hot ginger soup.
12.The finish point is very small area, traffic control will be executed. In order to avoid the traffic block, the vehicles of team should leave start point before 06:20 and go to the Kun-Yang Parking Area (2km from Finish Point) .
13.The web site gave an up-to-date the race information, please check it out the news on line

Awards :
1.Participant Award:All participants will obtain a souvenir from Taipei Cycling Association.
2.The participants that arrive at finish point before closing, will obtain a medal and certificate.

Groups :
Group by age. (no type of bike limitation)

A under 29 years old(born after 1980) G under 35 years old(born after 1974)
B 30~34(1979~1975) H above 36 years old(born before 1973)
C 35~39(1974~1970)    
D 40~44(1969~1965)    
E 45~50(1964~1960)    
F 50~60(1959~1950)    
S above 60 years old(born before 1949)    

The copy of Passport shall be provided for insurance issue.
If you register by ON Line Register the Entry Fee is 600NTD per person. If you register by Mail or Email, the Entry Fee is 650NTD per person. Please use ATM direct transfer to Taipei Cycling Association. The Bank details is as below:
Account Name:Taipei Cycling Association
Bank Number:012 (Taipei Fuban Bank)
Account number:650102-015546
Fill in the register form after completed the payment. Registration deadline is Aug.1st(Sat). Race entry should be returned by On-Line Register / e- or mail to No.30,Sec.4,Chong-qing North Rd., Taipei,Taiwan (R.O.C.).
The copy of Passport shall be provided for insurance issue.
No refunds are allowed for any reason whatsoever

Map of Activity:

Height Information of Activity: