1.The copy of Passport shall be provided for insurance issue
2.Deadline of Register : April 18th(Sat)

Climbing Taiwan-NeverStop-Explore TATAKA on the Route 21

The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius as our goal. It is our fondest that we are learing "Faster, Higher, Stronger" to reach the Olympic spirit.

Race Subject:
To learn never gives up of spirit

Race Date:
May 17th 2009(Sunday)

Gudide Unite:
Construction and Planning Agency (CPA)、Chinese Taipei Olympic committee

Major Sponsor:
Nantou County Government、Taipei Cycling Association

Administrative office in Jade National Park、Police in Jade National Park、Traffic Police Corps, NCPH、Shinyi Township Administration、Shueili Township Administration、Nantou Christian Hospital、Nantou Cycling Association

Handling Unite:
Taipei Cycling Association

Start Time:(May 17th 2009)
Race Group is 05:00
Challenge Group is 05:15~06:00

Close Time:May 17th 13:00

Race route chart (Starting Point & Finish Point):
From Shueili Junior High School to The 1st park of TATAKA tourist center

Route mile distance:
Mileage:about 72km / Elevation height

Special Remarks:
1.The race Start from Shueili Junior High School and the finish line is in the 1st park lot of TATAKA tourist center.
2.We'd suggest that all team members wear your team clothes.
3.Participants must wear the helmet and make sure of the brakes working or not.
4.We'd suggest that all participants arrive in Administrative office in Jade National from 18:00 to 20:00 on Saturday, May 16th 2009 or from 04:00 to 05:00 on Sunday, May 17th 2009. Please make certain that the bike is perfect before the race. Your race number chip must be visible in front of your helmet.
5.The Race Group starting time is 5:00. The Challenge Group starting time is 05:15 ~06:00
6.The teammate help for repair the bike is necessary.
7.If participants failed to reach the 1st supply station (46K) before 09:30, please return back to the Starting Point directly
8.Close Time is 13:00,Please find the 3 supply stations as following
The 1st supply station:46K, provide drinking, motive jelly, banana...etc.
The 2nd supply station:59K, provide drinking, banana, small meal to wrap... etc.
The 3rd supply station (in Finish Point):provide drinking, motive jelly, banana, hot ginger soup, bread… etc.

9.Participants need bring the spare parts for repair by self.
10.The vehicle of teams should leave starting point before 05:00 and go to finish point of TATAKA.
11.Participants are responsible for following the correct race course. All participants must obey the instruction of race officials at all times.
12.All the finishers will obtain a medal and certificate from National Park and Nantou County Government.
13.Before registering please consider the self physique condition by oneself.

1.Participant Award:All participants will obtain a memento from Taipei Cycling Association.
2.Challenge Group award: All participants will obtain a medal and certificate. (shall be arrive finish point before 13:00)
3.The top 6 men and the top 3 women will obtain a certificate of accomplishment, medal and prize.
The awards list as below:

Item 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
MAN 5000 3000 2000 1000 1000 1000
Women 3000 2000 1000      

1.Race Group:Competition classes or men and women- Road Bike only.(Max.200 people)
X above 16 years old (born after 1993) Y above 16 years old (born after 1993)

2.Challenge Group:up to the age only. (no type of bike limitation)
A under 29 years old(born after 1980) G under 35 years old(born after 1974)
B 30~34(1979~1975) H above 36 years old(born before 1973)
C 35~39(1974~1970)    
D 40~44(1969~1965)    
E 45~50(1964~1960)    
F 50~60(1959~1950)    
S above 60 years old(born before 1949)    

If you register by ON Line Register the Entry Fee is 500NTD per person. If you register by Email, the Entry Fee is 550NTD per person. Please use ATM direct transfer to Taipei Cycling Association. The Bank details is as below:
Account Name:Taipei Cycling Association
Bank Number:005 (Land Bank)
Account number:008001080203
Fill in the register form after completed the payment. Registration deadline is April.18th(Sat). Race entry should be returned by On-Line Register / e-
The copy of Passport shall be provided for insurance issue.
No refunds are allowed for any reason whatsoever