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1.The copy of Passport shall be provided for insurance issue.
2.Registration deadline is Nov. 16th(Sun)

2008 NeverStop YangJin P Highway Challenge

The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius as our goal. It is our fondest that we are learing "Faster, Higher, Stronger" to reach the Olympic spirit. Lifecycle adventures is our opportunity to share a passion for bicycle and also we specialize in working with groups to cultivate the team spirit.

Guide Unite:
Sports Affairs council, Executive Yuan、Taipei Sports Office、Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee、Yangmingshan National Park、 Taipei Municipal Athletics Federation

Major Sponsor:
Taipei Cycling Association

Taipei City Police Department- Traffic Police Brigade、Taipei County Police Bureau-Traffic Police Brigade、 Yangmingshan National Park- Traffic Police Brigade

Handle Unite:
Taipei Cycling Association

Activity Date:

Activity Route:
National Palace Museum→Zhishan Garden→Yangde Blvd→Yangmingshan National Park Visitor center→ Jhuzihhu→Yangjin Highway to the top (height 800M) →Yangjin Highway (downhill 20K)→Jinshan→Wanli→Da-Ping Elementary School (height 400M & Fajiiawan)→ Fonggueizuei to the top (height 600M)→(downhill 7K)→Fonglin Bridge→Meandear paradise→Pingjing Rd→Taipei Municipal Pingdeng Elementary school (height 400M)→ Taowansiiaojhen→Cingshansiiaojhen→ Lengshueikeng (height 750M). The race total distance is about 75 kilometers.

Starting Time :
07:00 ~ 07:30

Finish Time :
14:30 (total about 7.5 hours) The 1st supply station:closed at 9:00 (the top of Yangjin Highway) The 2nd supply station:closed at 11:00 (Da-Ping ElementarySchool) The 3rd supply station:closed at 13:00 (Fonglin Bridge at 1K)

Participant's notice :
1.We'd suggest that all team members wear your team clothes. Participants must wear the helmet and make sure of the braking function for safety. Offender will be disqualified.

2.All participants must arrive in Chih-shan Garden from 6:30 to 7:00 on Sunday, December 7th 2008. All arrival at the race venue, proceed the Taipei Cycling Association registration desk to collect your race number chip Your race number chip must be visible in front of your helmet and fold up the chip is not allowed.

3.The teammate help for repair the bike is necessary.

4.There have 3 supply stations on the cycle course.(Please refer to the finish time)

5.All participants arrive finish point will obtain a medal and certificate.

6.To join the race with your partners is recommended for safety issue.

7.Since there is no traffic control, participants shall be responsible for following the correct race course. Besides, all participants must obey the instruction of race officials at all times. Before registering please consider the self physique condition by oneself.

Awards :
1.All participants will obtain a memento. 2.All participants arrive finish point in 7.5 hours will obtain a medal and certificate. Group :
There is no limited of the bike type,up to the age only.

A under 29 years old(born after 1979) G under 35 years old(born after 1973)
B 30~34(1978~1974) H above 36 years old(born before 1972)
C 35~39(1973~1969)    
D 40~44(1968~1964)    
E 45~50(1963~1959)    
F 50~60(1958~1949)    
S above 60 years old(born before 1948)    

Registration date is from this day through November 16th, 2008 (Sun). Entry Fee is 550 NTD per person. If you use the online registration service, entry fee is 500 NTD per person. Nevertheless, there is no special discount for registration via E-mail, postal and fax. Use ATM direct transfer to Taipei Cycling Association, bank details as following:
Account Name: Taipei Cycling Association
Bank Number: 005 (Landbank)
Account number: 008001080203.

Kindly fill in the register form after completed the payment. Completed registrations will be accepted only if postmarked by the Nov. 16th, 2008 deadline. Race entry should be returned by fax 02-29255242/ e- mail: or mail to 3F No.468, Jhonghe Rd., Jhonghe City, Taipei County 235, Taiwan (R.O.C.). If any weather inclement or conditions warning be raised before race, the race will be postponed.